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Penulis : Datu pitung on Nov 28, 2010 | 10:15 PM

Parti keadilan rakyat (PKR) disagreed with the contentions of prime minister datuk Najib Razak on autonomy and democratic process in sabah.

Its vice president datuk Dr jeffry kitingan said the federal government under barisan Nasional (BN) rule for almost half a century had not only disrespected sabah’s autonomy but had at times trampled on the Malaysia agreement and 20 points which laid the condition for sabah to form malasyia in 1963.

“what autonomy? Even borneonisation of federal department in sabah has not reached 10 per cent until now,” he said in a statement.

Dr Jeffrey, who is also chairman of borneo heritage foundation (BHF), claimed the Umno-led BN trampled on sabah’s constitution when it came to sabah in 1991 by doing everything to bring down a democratically elected government then.

“Umno, using divide-and-rule tactics, did everything to change the political equation.

“the federal government has not respected Malaysia Agreement and the 20 points by downgrading sabah and Sarawak from equal partners to merely one of the 13 states, resulting in a diminished revenue for state.

“that is why we want a review of the malasyia Agreement. If they are sincere, the federal government should agree to a review,” he added.

Meanwhile, deputy chairman of common interest group Malaysia (cigMa), Daniel john jambun, in a separate statement, took to task Najib for misleading the world about the autonomy for sabah being respected and the democratic process duly upheld here.

“Kuala Lumpur wants to control everything in sabah. They even took away our rights to elect and appoint our chief minister and also our high court judges. Capable locals are denied the opportunities to head federal deparment.” He said.

‘is this what Najib means by due democratic process being respected in sabah? The people of sabah and the international community do not think so,’ he said.

source : dailyexpress

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