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Penulis : Datu pitung on Nov 29, 2010 | 1:08 AM

Believe it or not, Sabah, one of the oil producing states in Malaysia, is also the poorest! The BN politicians in the state are working hard to ensure Sabah joins the ranks of Angola, Congo and probably Rwanda. Syabas!

It has been sometime now since the mention of Sabah being the poorest state in Malaysia. Some months ago, Singapore elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that 'Malaysia is a failed state.'

If this is the case, would it be more accurate to say, 'Sabah the poorest state in a failed Malaysia'? No matter what report the World Bank comes up with, Sabahans would need to reflect on this question: Is the Sabah government operating within a failed BN government system?

In my personal opinion, if Malaysia was well governed, then the question of Sabah being the poorest will not arise. Is the deafening silence from federal government leaders an indirect admission of the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources to the people of Sabah or the neglect of effective supervision of the Sabah BN politicians and the Sabah administration?

Since the State government was asked to view the World Bank report objectively, why not use the ' PRADO ' as the State theme, to drive the State economy forward:

P: Projects that benefit the people of Sabah to be implemented first. Remember, People first, Performance Now! Peak performance must always be encouraged and rewarded. Organise state wide public relations campaign's to promote projects that benefit the people. Inform the people of all the projects that are work-in progress or to be implemented, that will benefit the people.

R: Results that are measurable and can be experienced, felt and seen by the people. The feel good factor does not work with the voters. Resources must be made available to the various groups in order for these groups to work effectively.

A: Attitude for work and productivity must be promoted at all times. Analyse and evaluate consistently. Accountability and responsibility must be the order of the day.

D: The PRADO must be driven by capable drivers and co-drivers. Along the way, pick-up enthusiastic passengers who will support your cause. One of the many positive quotes from Formula One is, " It's the people behind us that puts us in front." However please be reminded not to drive the PRADO recklessly or you will be driven to the morgue.

O: Objectives on all new economic development's in the state must be made clear and must involve all the communities living in Sabah.

I believe whatever that needs to be said has already been said and all that I have mentioned above has been worded differently, countless times by responsible citizens. I wonder if anyone in authority is paying any attention at all to these Key Result Areas (KRAs). If the Politician in power is not taking the necessary initiatives or actions to improve the situation, then that individual is truly the 'poorest' in his/her leadership abilities.

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